Cover versions of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. The good, the bad, the hysterically inappropriate and the awful. One a day. Until you die.

"I think it's a good song, but I think too many people sing it." - Leonard Cohen


To my followers - I’ve let my duties slip. Posting daily is harder than it appears. Watching dozens of videos, many of which are down-right painful - is also harder than I expected. 

Hope to be back on task soon. There are certainly no supply problems. Maybe I just need to change the schedule from one a day to whenever I get around to it…

Stay tuned.

Christophorus Kantorei

The Martial Music version. I keep expecting to hear triumphant trumpets and war drums. 

Guitar Tutor Man

I really wish Guitar Tutor Man had a cape, a guitar shaped mask, and a superhero costume with a letter G emblazoned on the front. I also think this video is incomplete without the  ”follow the bouncing ball” lyrics along the bottom of the screen. 

Sheryl Crow

Sheryl seems to be in a hurry to get through the song - which is too bad, because her voice and interpretation are otherwise lovely.


A high school buddy band? I have no idea, but a better version than many. The down tempo and simple harmonies on the chorus work pretty well and the lead has an unpretentious voice; but dudes, the candles are just silly. 

Bobi Andanov

I know I already posted one version by this kid, but this can’t be ignored ( plus I’m pressed for time today so I’m being half assed about my responsibilities to all 6 or 7 of you faithful followers - forgive me ).

Anyway - IMO, vocal gymnastics  should be left to more talented and more experienced singers who might be able to pull them off without rendering the song so nearly unrecognizable. I guess this is impressive to TV audiences… or teenagers who confuse “cute” with “talented”…?

Whatever  - Kid, you’re trying way, way too hard. 

Regina Spektor

Regina’s odd voice does some strange things to this song. I’m not saying it’s bad.

Ah, the old multitrack, a cappella video. Very original. Bobby Mcferrin should be doing penance.

Bob Dylan

As Leonard mentioned in yesterday’s video, Dylan was doing this cover version quite a while before anyone else. 

Dylan makes it a Dylan song.

 It’s what he does. 

The man himself talks about Hallelujah.